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Precision Presswork

We operate one of the largest metal presswork production facilities in the South of England with power presses ranging in capacity from 6 to 100 tonne. Our presses are equipped for automatic coil and strip feeding of materials up to 5mm thick using progressive, compound & single op tooling. Materials catered for include steel, brass, beryllium copper, stainless steel and aluminium (full list here). We have the capacity for high volume production of medium sized items such as automotive brackets and are equally suited to the production of smaller items such as electronic and electrical connectors. Using our in-house tooling we can offer both small orders and prototypes without major tooling costs.

Automated Coil Fed Production

We are capable of running high volume production through automated coil fed machines running several shifts across multiple machines to fulfill large batch production orders quickly.

Single Stage Pick & Place Presswork

Single stage secondary operations can be carried out by our machine operators for large components not suited to progressive or auto lines or where immediate quality control and inspection is desirable.

Deep Drawing

We offer deep drawing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials up to a depths of 6".

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Tool Protection

On the larger machines such as the Rhodes RH 100 we have tool protection systems in place to reduce damage from component ejection failure which minimises the potential damage to expensive and critical tooling components.


Where required we carry out deburring using a ceramic stone medium in a large vibrating machine with ID22, a combined degreasing and anti-rusting agent.

Transfer Of Existing Tooling

We are frequently requested to identify and collect existing customer tooling from all over the country and are experienced with modifying them to suit our own presses.

Presswork UK

Press Tool Design, Manufacture & Storage

Claridge design and build most of our own tooling in-house although we do have close ties with local tool makers. Our customers tools are maintained in a large well maintained fully insured tool library. Claridge can manufacture tooling to customers bespoke drawings as well as developing tooling directly from prototypes and provide design assistance to ensure an economical product. We are experienced with accepting existing tooling and modifying them to suit our own presses.

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