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Production Management

Running a busy manufacturing facility as large as our Reading based plant requires considerable foward planning. We utilise a bespoke software package that allows for comprehensive production management including materials, stock and machine scheduling which means we are able to cater for long term Kanban and JIT delivery programs as well as guaranteeing short lead times. We aim to provide our customers with a reliable and consistent source of high quality engineered components delivered on time and at a competetive price.

Advanced Capacity Planning

We apply the principals of advanced capacity planning at every level from captial plant expenditure through to individual process management decisions. To meet the needs of the future we are always prepared to consider capital expenditure on the correct plant and machinery. Some of our major manufacturing cells are based around purpose built machines and complex jig set ups that are used solely for that particular task. At an operational level our production management software allows us to balance work load across the available capacity to meet it allowing us to forcast several weeks to 3 months ahead. Whilst local production requirement issues are addressed often directly with the machine operatives and engineers including issues such as space management, goal setting, bonus schemes and holidays.

JIT & KanBan

We support JIT and KanBan pull models by working closely with the supply chain to deliver when required. We use customers own standard sized containers for ease of stock control as well as immediate deployment within the production line. Because we operate a flexible production schedule using multiple small machines we are able to adapt to short term demand in responce to customers JIT requirements.

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Claridge One-Stop Engineering, 11 Boulton Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 0NH

Tel: 0118 986 0114, Fax: 0118 931 3842
Email: sales@claridgeone-stop.co.uk