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The Claridge Road Side Sign Clip

Claridge have manufactured the Road Side Sign Clip for over 30 years.

The Road Side Sign Clip are manufactured to a high specification and are used to firmly attach a sign face to a metal frame. No tools are required and changing signs is quick and easy, unlike signs that are riveted in place.

We have designed the clip to be universal and fit 25mm & 1 inch frames. They can be used on all shapes. The clips have a plated finish for corrosion protection, so suitable in all weathers.

The clips are commonly used for signs that are part of traffic control when road works are in operation.

600 x 450mm Clipped

1050 x 450mm Clipped

1050 x 750mm Clipped

600mm Triangle Clipped

750mm Triangle Clipped

600mm Triangle Sign / Supp Plate Clipped

750mm Triangle Sign / Supp Plate Clipped

900mm Triangle Sign / Supp Plate Clipped

800 x 900mm Clipped

600mm Square Clipped

750mm Square Clipped

900mm Square Clipped

Other Clipped

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Email: sales@claridgeone-stop.co.uk