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Tool Making

Claridge offer a full inhouse tool making service undertaking the manufacture of dies for blanking, punching, bending & deep drawing including single & multiple operation dies, as well as single station & progressive dies. We can manufacture tools to customer drawings as well as reverse engineering from existing components.

Single Stage Press Tools

For large components up to 500mm long we offer an inhouse tool making service. Multiple tools can be manufactured as a set for a series of pick and place operations as well as specialist tooling for pressing wire and bar.

Progressive Press Tools

Progressive and compound tooling can be manufactured inhouse for use with coil fed automatic presses. Infeed coil widths catered for go up to 300mm wide and 6mm thick.

Blanking & Punching Dies

Blanking and punching dies can be made for the pressing of flat shapes such as brackets or base plates with or without holes. a compound die can be made to carry out multiple operations in a single stage such as the production of a washer. Claridge One-Stop offer blanking and punching upto 6mm.

Bending Dies

Bending dies are available in U, V and universal configurations as well as special designs for complex designs such as closing profile, curling, hinge and tube forming dies. The design and manufacture of complex tools is usually a service we provide through well established local companies with whom we have close working relations.

Deep Drawing & Other Dies

We have the capacity for deep drawing upto 120mm. Deep drawing dies which involve the deformation of wall thickness can be single operation, multi-operation or progressive. Shapes can be flat bottomed, spherical or parabolic. Claridge One-Stop have considerable experience with the design of large surface area deep drawing up to 400mm long and 300mm wide (typically 10mm deep). Other die types that can be built include nosing, expanding, bulging and flanging dies.

Tool Quality

Claridge One-Stop offer a range of services to suit your requirements and budgets ranging from the manufacture of Class A dies suited for high volume production made of the best materials for long life and high precision through to Class C and temporary dies suited to low volume and prototype work.

Tool Modification

Modifications can be made to existing tools as required to cater for both design alterations as well as recycling older obsolete press tools. Modifications can also include the addition of stripper plates and/or guide posts to improve product quality as well as the upgrading of temporary or low production tools, for example, the replacement of lower cost materials such as carbide with steel.

Tool Repair

We undertake tool repairs and refurbishments including the replacement all technological components such as punchs, die blocks, guide rails, strippers, guide plates and pilots where there are direct issues with the quality of the finished pressing such as excess shear or out of tolerance finished parts. Structural components such as the punch holder, die shoe, shank, guideposts, bushings, springs and screws can also be replaced where damaged or worn, or as part of a program of preemptive maintenance.

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